The Process

Steps once there is a verbal acceptance of the Project Proposal

  • Contracts

    2-3 days

  • Engineering

    2-3 weeks

  • Choose Tile & Exterior Finishes

    Client to finalise these choices

  • Contractors Engaged

    Fencing Contractors, Licensed Electrical & Plumbing Contractors are engaged.

  • Permit

    2-3 weeks

  • Start Build

    Start once we receive permit

  • Shell installed

    7-10 days

    Milestone Content goes here

  • Pool Pipes

    Run pool pipes over the next 7-14 days

  • Start Landscaping

    Landscaping begins

  • Licensed Plumbing & Electrical Works

    Licensed Plumbing & Electrical Works are installed---Gas Meter will require up grade

  • Tiling

    Tiling of Pool Prior to Paving/Coping Installed. 7-10 days

  • Landscaping completed

    Landscaping completed

  • Equipment installation

    Equipment installed & checked

  • Pool Fencing

    Pool fencing installed & inspected by the Building surveyor

  • Pool Filled

    Pool filled & commissioned.

Realistic turn around from start to completion = 12-14 weeks.